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I want to express my appreciation of Alexis for her exceptional customer service. Alexis’ personable professionalism set the tone of my situation as she adeptly navigated through my concerns and my confusion. Her manner and the results she provided from that initial phone call was exemplary. Alexis’ follow through, depth in researching my concern, and calling me back with the results as well as next steps was commendable. Alexis’ customer service skills, levels of corporate understanding, drive, and sense of personal ownership sets a standard and reflects directly upon Integrity First Financial Group. She is a credit to the organization and her management team. As I am project manager specializing in enterprise level implementations and development, I see Alexis is an outstanding candidate for further growth within the organization. It is because of Alexis that I look forward to telling others about Integrity First Financial Group.

It has been a good start to the year. I couldn’t have done it with out a great support team. They really make me look good and allow me to build the strong relationships in the market place. Look forward to continuing to push through the year.

I can’t say enough good things about how this week has gone.

First, the training was phenomenal this week. I felt more grooved in this week than I did after many months with Citywide Home Loans.

Second, I was trained as an LO by a 24 year veteran who closes 40 loans a month in her Branch. Very good training. However, to my surprise, the speed and ease of IFFG’s flow has now trumped my previous Branch manager’s process. Chris and Ann have been incredible at staying on top of my files. I am very impressed.

If things keep up like this, I see nothing but growth. Once a file goes into processing, I can then focus on the next origination, the next Realtor partner and hopefully the next LO that I can bring onto my team.

In my opinion being a loan officer is about one thing – delivering for your clients. I have been a loan officer at Integrity First Financial Group for almost 8 yrs because this company always has my back in helping to achieve that goal. Our interest rates are top notch, they have built incredible systems that make the loan process as smooth as possible, and the owners of the company are truly accessible and value my opinion. I am not just a number among a sea of countless LO’s, but a valuable contributor to the team with a real voice in the company.
Dustin Gildersleeve
Rating : 5

Automated status communication and post closing marketing.


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IFFG Flash Approve

Instantly take an app, quote rates and fees, verify assets, run credit, generate disclosures, esign, and get a DU- approval!

Automated Online Reputation Management

Ask us how we promote our branches and loan officers online automatically using IFFG’s Reputation Management Software.

Purchase Money Lender

In 2017 we are 64.5% purchase money transactions. We focus heavily on easy on-time closings. Ask about our average cycle times.

Robust Product Mix

Aside from Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, 203k, Doctor Loans, Jumbo, ask about our dedicated Specialty Lending Division and all our great products!

Organized Onboarding

Structured online and in person training on systems and process all outlined upfront. Gain hands on training from the department managers!

Have a Voice

Work for a lender that has all the tools of the largest players in the industry but have a voice.

The People

After your call with Alex, speak with our amazing Managers and see first hand why we are proud to work with them.

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Since our inception in 2006 IFFG has been known as an early adopter of technology in lending.

#215 on the INC Magazine's 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America 2011

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