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“At IFFG we embrace an environment of teamwork, collaboration and always being open to embrace change and challenges. The team at IFFG is happy to come to work everyday and even happier to celebrate our successes at company outings and holiday parties. I am genuinely proud to be part of the IFFG family and look forward to welcoming you one day”

Tammie Young-Closing Deparment Manger IFFG


The mortgage industry is a dynamic and often stressful business. With that in mind, Integrity First has built a positive and fun environment. With an emphasis on company culture at all of our operations centers we encourage the spill over into all our branches throughout the country. We expect that all employees possess the skills to be experts in their field, however, the first thing we look for in any new employee is the IFFG attitude and spirit.

Watch this video of our 2017 Corporate Holiday Party to get a feel for our Team. This is us wishing our offices around the country Happy holidays and thanking them for all their hard work in 2017.

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