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“I have been a loan officer at Integrity First Financial Group for almost 8 yrs because this company always has my back in helping to achieve that goal. Our interest rates are top notch, they have built incredible systems that make the loan process as smooth as possible, and the owners of the company are truly accessible and value my opinion. I am not just a number among a sea of countless LO’s, but a valuable contributor to the team with a real voice in the company.”

Dustin Gildersleeve-Sales Manager IFFG

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Mortgage Loan Originators

When you seek a rewarding mortgage loan originator job with a team of highly accomplished professionals, you’ll find remarkable opportunities with IFFG.

  • I am a licensed Loan Originator seeking an industry-leading solution to successfully manage my referral relationships and customers.
  • I have a referral base that consistently feeds me business. My Referral Partners love me and I want to give their referrals the service levels that they expect and deserve.
  • My current company’s rates are too high, compensation is too low, service levels are too slow, or all of the above.
  • I need access to competitive programs and pricing for my market.

IFFG Loan Tool Box

  • Mobile App: Personalized mobile app for borrowers and referral partners.
  • Marketing CRM: Automated status updates and marketing campaigns to borrowers and referral partners.
  • Branch/LO websites: Available for all to have a place for clients to complete 1003’s that automatically import in the LOS.
  • Reporting: Cycle time reporting to track performance for each job function in the organization.
  • Dedicated Onboarding Team: Will ensure your transition to IFFG is a smooth one.
  • Service Portal for live support: Post questions in regard to processing, credentials needs and receive responses in 1 hour or less.
  • Dedicated IT resources: Cloud logins are available for all sales employees to ensure they have full system access from the field.
  • Dedicated Training Manager: Ongoing training will be provided on new programs, system enhancements and more.
  • Regionalized Pricing: IFFG works to ensure all our branches are set to have competitive pricing for their regions.

Enjoy Polished Marketing Content, Spectacular Sales Tools & So Much More

  • Stay organized by keeping all contacts in one place as well as add & manage contacts from anywhere.
  • Segment to better manage your contacts and target your marketing
  • Add contacts online or with our mobile app for Apple & Android devices.
  • Hundreds of email templates and campaigns for any loan scenario.
  • Send out emails to your entire database in one click.
  • Engage and educate prospects while your personal branding is front & center.
  • Improve partner communication and efficiency by co-branding your marketing with a referral partner.
  • Co-brand flyers, emails, even dynamic videos to ensure a cohesive experience for prospects who see themselves as part of a collaborative team.
  • Look like a star and keep your client informed in an amusing and memorable manner with in-process dynamic video campaigns.

Executive Level Access

In many large organizations, it can be difficult to obtain access to the top tiers of management to share ideas and concerns. At IFFG, you’ll have one-on-one, direct access to Corporate-level management up to the CEO.

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